Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mom's Surgery

Um, I actually wrote this on June 8. I guess it was just too difficult to remember to actually post it! Since I wrote it, however, I will go ahead and  post it more than two months later. 
I am sitting in the hospital room where my mother is recovering from knee replacement surgery. She will be recovering for the next several months. It is pretty amazing that a 70ish year-old woman has the guts to go through such a procedure. That is the stuff for a twenty-year-old. Or teenager. A teenager breaks a leg, wears a cast for 5 or 6 weeks, then jumps right back into playing football. She will have to work much harder for days, weeks, months to recover the strength she had before surgery. Then she will have to continue to fight every day just to keep the strength and mobility she has regained.

I feel that same fight even now. When I was twenty, I could go from sleeping to running and never even be sore. Now, just a score of years later, I am sore from sleeping!!! I have to work to maintain the strength and flexibility that I have. If I stop working at maintaining, I immediately start losing the strength. 
It is completely different with my weight however. I have to focus and work and exercise just to maintain my weight. The second I stop working, I immediately (overnight or faster!) begin to gain weight. Ah, the irony.
Anyway, back to my mom. Glory to God – everything has gone very well. She has been well taken care of in the hospital. The staff is excellent, patient, available and attentive. The pain medicine has worked very well and she hasn't been nauseous. It is obvious how much her friends love her.
I don’t like seeing her hurt. I don’t like knowing the struggle she will go through. I do like that she will have less pain in the long run, more strength, and more ability to live the next phase of her life with less pain and more activity.
We are very thankful to God for all His goodness to us!


  1. Ooh ooh ooh does that mean if I break my leg I can play football??

  2. Anything is possible. But don't break your leg! You will miss basketball and horse riding!

  3. But, then I can ride, play Basketball, AND Football!!!!


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