Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Cure

Recently I learned something that everyone should know.  So if you are lucky enough to be reading this, get ready for your whole life to change. 

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration.  But here is one little amazing cure: Flour for burns. 

Sounds absolutely crazy.  I have no scientific research to back it up.  I have done no googling on the subject.  I didn't even learn about it while home schooling!  I learned about it because I burned myself and I happened to be at a friend's house. 

Here is what happened: I was melting a tiny bit of queso (velveeta and rotel) in my friend's demon microwave.  This microwave is linked to some kind of sunspot surge.  Most of the time it won't get your cup of coffee hot in less than 2 minutes.  Then, for some unseen reason, it decides that it is time to let loose all of its pent up anger and return whatever is in it to sub-atomic particles.  This is what happened with my queso.  So when I innocently reached into the microwave and picked up the little cup, the cup was so hot it melted to my fingers.  I had to shake it off, which then poured melted cheese as hot as lava all over my hands, wrists and fingers.  I immediately ran to the sink and started running cold water over the burns.  They were already red and swelling fast.  I was crying it hurt so bad. 

My friend ran in to find out what happened.  She had heard the clattering and the squealing.  She very sweetly and diligently started pummeling me with questions.  Really, the same question over and over, "What are we supposed to put on burns?"  She was very sincere, and upon seeing my tears, and the welts, became even more insistent, "WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PUT ON BURNS?!"   I wasn't really any help in answering.  We probably looked like an "I Love Lucy" skit.  I just kept saying, "I don't know!"  She then began helpfully suggesting all of the essential oils that she had in her pantry.  "Lemon??? Wintergreen? Lavender? Oregano?"  To which I kept my wits about me and intelligently continued answering, thru my tears, "I don't know." 

Finally, her eyes lit up like saucers! "Flour!" she jubilantly yelled.

 She dashed across the kitchen.  She poured a gallon ziploc bag half full of plain old enriched bleached flour and told me to stick my hands in it.  I could tell the running water wasn't helping.  I could tell that running water, even if it was fresh off a glacier, would never help the burns that demon microwave had given me.  So what could I do besides call 9-1-1? Plunge my hands into that bag o' flour!  Amazingly, INSTANTLY the pain was almost gone! It was unbelievable!  Right up there with Paul being bitten by a viper, and shaking it off like it was a caterpillar.  The natives wanted to worship him as a god.  I mean it - that flour trick was THAT amazing. As soon as I had my hands buried in the flour, my dear thoughtful friend looked at me with an excited, eager gleam in her eyes, "I have just been WAITING to try that!" She quickly caught herself and added, "I mean, I'm sorry you got burned, but,...."  I wondered if she had been secretly planning to burn one of her kids just to try it out.  What a hero I am, saving her kids like that!  Just kidding, she wouldn't do that.  And I am GLAD she had read some crazy thing about flour helping burns.  And I am glad the Lord was able to remind her what to put on burns - during our highly intelligent conversation.

The end of the story is that I kept my hands in the flour for at least an hour, probably a bit longer. When I took them out, the redness was gone, the pain was gone, almost all trace of the severe burns that I received were gone.  There was just one little red spot about the size of a pea, not even a blister.

Rememer - the next time you or your children get burned - FLOUR FOR BURNS!

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  1. Wow! Impressive. Sorry you had to take the hit for us, but now I know to use flour. :)


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