Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pie Crusts and Me

I like to try new things.  And I like food.  Therefore, I like to try new foods.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy the Food Network - to watch skilled cooks with new ideas.  Recently, the Food Network debuted a new cooking show by the famous city-girl-turned-country-girl-blogger, the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. So I tuned in.  I mean, she has developed her talents, so she embodies hope for the rest of us!

She made something that looked so yummy, and she made it look so easy, that I couldn't resist trying it myself.  She called it the "Flat Apple Pie," with a "fool-proof" crust that is supposed to look rustic instead of perfect.  When I located the recipe online, it was even better - it was called "Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust."  Boy  - I was flooded with hope!  I had never made a nice pie crust all on my own!  Even following meticulous directions, keeping in mind all the hints and tips from my granny and my aunts, my pie crusts were crumbly and ugly!

I wish I could find a picture for you.  Ree said the pie is designed to be held in your hands.  She made her family so happy!  I was ready to share the love with my family!
After gathering all the ingredients, I got started.  My handy apple peeler/corer/slicer

went to work on the apples.  My first hint at a problem came when I made the crust.  I noticed that Ree's recipe called for about twice the fat (butter/crisco) than any of my other pie crusts recipes.  But I plunged ahead.  Everything was going according to plan until I started to fold the crust over my spiced apples.  The crust really did look better than any I had made before, but it just didn't seem as 'stretchy' as I thought it should be.  "Oh well," I reasoned, "if there was a catch, surely Ree would have warned me!" So I fold the crust, appreciate the rustic look I have achieved, and pop the pies into the oven. 

Boy, did those pies smell delicious!  But my premonition proved true.  All of the wonderful apple-y juices flowed right out of the crust and onto the pan.  The crust had cracks where the apples poked through, and that heavenly juice was carmelized onto the pan. 

If I had more experience blogging, I would have a picture to show you.  It still tasted okay, and it was the best crust I had ever pulled off, but I wouldn't make it again.  The amount of butter and crisco is just too big an obstacle. Mostly I ate the apples out of the middle.  And they were fantastic.

In case you want to try your hand at this, here is the link to the recipe:

Be sure and let me know how yours turns out!
Happy Baking!

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  1. Sounds yummy, but I think the premade stuff isn't too bad. I'd be willing to be one of your guinea pigs, if ya need one!


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