Friday, April 6, 2012

Road Trip!

Doesn't it seem that when you KNOW you have to get up super early, you can't stay asleep until the alarm dings?  It's like your body goes on "Hyper Alert Standby Mode."  That is what happened to me the night before our Girl's Road Trip!  And I wasn't the only one not sleeping - one mom was up with a throwing-up child.  And the other mom was up diligently getting beautiful so she wouldn't make us late!

So three gals, very little sleep, Chick-Fil-A breakfast, and 3 hours in the car to arrive at our destination:

the Round Top Antique Fair  - one of the biggest Antique Fairs in the USA.

If you ever think, even for the briefest of passing seconds, "Boy, if only I could find a __________," then Round Top is the place you should go.  There are things you never even knew existed.  I was intrigued by this view:

This just says it all: china, horns, mirrors, and a zebra head - all in one place!

But the best part is the time with friends - sharing hefty doses of food, fun, and laughter.  I mean, you can get to know someone over dinners, christmas parties, picnics; but 14 hours in one day really throws the friendship doors wide open (or I guess slams it shut!).  After being trapped in a car for 7 hours, traipsing over 14,000 acres of flea market, and nearly dropping dead from heat exhaustion, you know if you really want to be friends. The result: we were planning our next annual outing before we even got home! 
One requirement for next year - Air Conditioning!

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